Rineanna Bridge Club
Demonstration Videos: 1. How to Log in to RealBridge. Put together by the Pinner club. (I will do one for us asap). 2. Demo Session. Sadly, no ‘conversation’. You will notice the slowness (and the awful Italian music!). They were just coming to terms with the functionality. 3. London v. Manchester. Demonstrating the chat available. Note how two players have no camera. They can still play, and be heard.
What is RealBridge? RealBridge is an On-Line system to play the game. Unlike BBO, however, you can not only see all the other players at your table, but communicate with them too. This means you can easily have a ‘quick chat’ with a new/temporary partner to agree systems etc. This also, to a large extent, maintains the social element of the game as a “night out”! There are also other advantages, that will still apply when current restrictions are no longer an issue: 1. You can decide at very short notice to play. The schedule & link to the upcoming games will be on both this site (RealBridge page), or the Virtual Club’s website; 2. No need to prepare to go out, arrange lifts, etc.; 3. Distance from the venue - or your partner - not an issue; 4. Outside forces very unlikely to effect the game, and; 5. While not yet a factor in Ireland, other countries have used RealBridge in Congresses, and even in National Competitions. Think about it - you can now play in a Congress ‘hosted’ at a venue hundreds of miles away without leaving your home, and in this sociable format! ________________________________________________________________________________ If you’d like to try RealBridge (a quick 8 boards, solely to experience how it works) there are always ‘Taster’ sessions at I do recommend a pc or large-screen tablet, as there is a lot of stuff on the screen. ________________________________________________________________________________ If you want to start on a trial basis (probably as a “Monday Morning” type game), email Your Name, Home Club, CBAI/NBID code, Grade (A B Master Novice), preferred day/time (morning/afternoon/evening) to me at